BIC 100

The BERMAD BIC 100 is an innovative, time based, user friendly controller that offers a full range of features for complete control of agriculture irrigation, fertigation and filtration applications.
The BERMAD BIC 100 Controller incorporates an easy to use programming interface with a modular hardware configuration that allows up to 10 outputs and is available in AC or DC.

■ Modular hardware – Versatile and flexible adaptation to the farmer’s needs
■ Built in Fertilizer injection control – Efficient chemicals implementation for increased     yields, and profitability.
■ Filtration control – Improves water quality to protect the irrigation system and water       conservation.
■ Versatile irrigation programs
❏ Three programs for up-to 10 valves operating sequentially
❏ Run times are – hours: minutes or minutes: seconds
❏ 6 start times for each irrigation program
❏ Independent water and fertilizer run times per each valve
❏ Frost protection, Cooling procedure or any other program started by a sensor
❏ Main valve control
❏ Pump control
❏ Adjustable water run-time per program (0-250%) and unlimited rain delay

■ Professional time based irrigation control

■ Crops in single open field, orchard, vineyard, mesh houses, and greenhouses

■ Irrigation control of up to 10 zones in the AC or DC models.