Weather Station

Growing the best quality crops in challenging environmental conditions such as drought and frost, preventing disease and nutrition issues in your complex production operation requires the proper management tools that allows you, the grower, to monitor, analyze, and control the entire operation, while efficiently managing both energy and manpower use.
The BIC2500 is an Internet enabled complete management system. The BIC2500 allows for integration of different monitoring and control technologies with powerful analytical tools in a user friendly interface. The results of using the BIC2500 are increased quantities and higher quality products at lower input costs. The BIC2500 gives the user the management tools for efficient use of resources such as water, energy, chemicals, and manpower, while being cost effective.
The use of the BIC2500 with the enabled internet communication allows the user continual access to the field from any location in the world. The controller sends defined alarms and messages to the user’s e-mail box.
With the BIC2500, the user can apply the right amount of water and nutrients when needed at specific locations, while integrating the management of different irrigation technologies such as drip, sprinkler, center pivot, wheel lines, and flood.