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Carbon Steel Media Filters

BERMAD sand media filtration systems offer a low maintenance and efficient method to filter organic material and fine inorganic particulate from irrigation system water sources. When using Basalt or high quality crushed silica as the filtration media, these BERMAD filters can provide up to a 74 micron (200 equivalent mesh) degree of filtration. BERMAD media filters offer much easier installation and maintenance due to the low-profile system configurations.

■ Low Profile Configuration –
Easier Installation and Maintenance
■ Double-Chambered Tanks with “Mushroom” Diffusers –
Low filtration pressure loss. No gravel pack required
■ Modular Design –
Flexibility for system layouts with wide range of flow rates
■ Rugged Carbon Steel Construction –
125 psi maximum operating pressure
■ Protective Coating –
120 micron durable protective coating eliminates corrosion Rubber-coated metal      legs isolate filter from the ground to prevent damage to coating

■ Provides primary filtration for drip / micro irrigation systems
■ Primary filter for inorganic particulate from well water sources
■ Primary filter for organic material from surface water sources