Engine Monitoring and Control

BERMAD Combustion Engine Monitoring and Control interface is integrating one of the most critical components of the water delivery system, the pump, into BERMAD’s Integrated Management Solutions allowing operators and managers to remotely monitor, operate, and analyze the water system to operate at optimum efficiency.
The engine dashboard is presented clearly on a computer or mobile device with all system values, the system sends alerts, alarms, and performance notifications that allows conservation of water, energy, protecting the environment and increase labor efficiency. BERMAD Combustion Engine Interface reduce operating cost and increase profit.

  • Mֺֺonitor engine health and readiness
    • Monitor common engine parameters: Oil pressure, engine temperature, battery voltage, power output, fuel levels, engine run time and engine RPM.
  • Rֺֺemote operation and control
    • Remotely start and stop your engine from computers and mobile devices.
    • Remotely acknowledge generated alarms.
    • Reduce expensive on-site service visits.
  • Aֺֺlarm management
    • Receive alarm notification when the fuel level reaches a preset level or fuel theft.
    • Direct alarms for Maintenance notifications directly to service personnel via email based on engine status; Fuel level, run hours, early stop.
  • Sֺֺtatistics and reports
    • Create, Maintain and Manage engine service records, engine performance, fuel consumption,and RPM historical data for analyzing and improving efficiency.