CIP Integrated Chemical Injection System

Bermad CIP units are an accurate EC & pH control. The CIP is a highly efficient, reliable and complete nutrition systems for raw crop, trees and soil-less cultures. The system maintains a constant irrigation water quality for better, higher yields.

  • The CIP is a highly efficient tool capable of managing up to 6 injectors, 1 booster pump, 1 main valve or water pump which alternatively can be replaced by an agitator. The system can read 1 water meter 6 fertilizer meters, 1 EC sensor, and 1 pH sensor.
  •  Two Modes of operation
    • Stand alone: the user defines formulas containing the combinations and concentrations of the fertilizers; the selection of the formula is made by contacts selection, which can be activated manually, or by an irrigation controller if such a controller is in use.
    • BIC2500 system: The BIC2500 can control several CIP units, loading the units with fertigation requirements and receiving from the CIP the process feedback in real time.
  • The injection process is protected by a unique protection mechanisms, not allowing the concentration of the fertilizers to exceed the predefined limits, and if the set EC or pH can not be maintained within the set limits the appropriate preventive steps are taken.
  • Flexible injectors function setting: Each of the injectors in use can be set either for EC controlled injection, pH controlled injection or for proportional injection of nutrients independent of the EC and pH control. In the last option the amount injected can be limited according to user definition.
  • Fast and smooth arrival to set-points: In order to reach fast and accurate to the desired set-points each new process takes into consideration the results of the last time of activation of the specific formula.