BIC F is a user friendly, professional filter flush controller, capable of flushing filtration systems of up to 10 filters.
BIC F is available with low power DC latching solenoids or 24V AC solenoids for controlling various filter types and flushing requirements including downstream valve control and inputs for analog or digital pressure differential gauges.

■ Versatile filter types control –
Suitable to most Automatic Filters:
Media, Disc, Screen, Sand separators
■ Various types of filter flushing cycles
❏ Time interval
❏ Pressure differential signal
❏ Pressure differential with time interval backup
❏ Manual start
■ Comprehensive back flush programs
❏ Flexible settings of pre-dwell, dwell,
flush time and post dwell parameters
❏ Downstream pressure sustaining valve control
❏ Analog or digital DP gauge selection
■ Flush programs monitoring
❏ Independent flush cycles log per each type of
trigger (time, DP)
❏ Continuous DP flush cycle’s protection
■ Hardware features
❏ Battery status check (DC Controllers)
❏ Emergency shutoff of all flush valves
in very low battery level
❏ Preventing flushing when the water system
is inactive

■ Filtration systems control in agriculture and industrial applications
■ Control of turf and golf filtration systems
■ Purging sand separators