The BERMAD  MUT1222 MagMeter is a robust state of the art meter for the Ag irrigation industry. This  meter technology can detect flows as low as 0.03 gpm with 0.2% accuracy. Providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability at all flow ranges. BERMAD  MUT1222 meters are the industry leader  for water measurement and accumulation reporting. BERMAD MUT1222 Insertion Electromagnetic meters available in diameter range of 8” – 100”.

■  High Accuracy at wide flow range – Each sensor is calibrated on a hydraulic

bench equipped with a reference weighting system

■  Open flow path – Allows for use upstream of filtration, in canals and effluent


■  DC compact electronics – Low power consumption ideal for use in locations

without power supply

■  Rugged and Efficient Construction – Accurate measurement of corrosive

fluids, manure and wastewater

■  Insertion type meter – Retrofit of old piping systems to monitor water usage

■      Compliant with water usage reporting regulation

■      Remote or local monitoring of flows and water usage

■      Leak and plugging detection in irrigation systems

■      Add water meters to existing pipes