The BERMAD Euromag MagMeter is a robust state of the art meter for the Agriculture applications industry. This meter technology can detect flows as low as 0.6 gpm with 0.2% accuracy. Providing unparalleled accuracy and reliability at all flow ranges. BERMAD meters are the industry leader for water measurement and accumulation reporting.

The MUT2300 is available in diameters 2″ – 12″

■  High Accuracy at wide flow range – Each sensor is calibrated on a hydraulic

bench equipped with a reference weighting system

■  Open flow path – Allows for use upstream of filtration, in canals and effluent


■  DC compact electronics – Low power consumption ideal for use in locations

without power supply

■  Rugged and Efficient Construction – Accurate measurement of corrosive

fluids, manure and wastewater

■  Requires 0 in distance before and after – ideal for confined space


■      Compliant with water usage reporting regulation

■      Remote or local monitoring of flows and water usage

■      Leak and plugging detection in irrigation systems

■      Installation in confined spaces