Single Station Time or Volume

The BEC PM1 Controller enables volumetric irrigation when controlling the BERMAD Hydrometer Model IR-910-E0-1DS-KX, or any standard Water meter and Control Valve system. The BEC PM1 receives digital inputs from the water meter and shuts the Hydrometer or the control valve after it accurately delivered a preset quantity of water.

  • Irrigation by volume
    LCD Display
    Continuous flow (Pulse/Hour)
    or time display
    Preset volume up to 9999 Pulses
    Up to three start times per day
    Weekly or interval schedule
    12 or 24 hours clock
    Seasonal adjustment 10%-200%
    Programmable “dry contact” input override
  • Installation in remote areas and confined spaces
    Operated by 9 VDC Alkaline battery
    Long lasting battery
    Weather & submersion protected
  • Ease of operation
    “Next Step” programing
  • Automatic Metering Valve (AMV)
  • Time or Volume irrigation control
  • Tank volumetric fill-up control
  • Volume or time based end of pipe flush control
  • Level Control with time prioritization and fail safe option